Ubisoft games can now be purchased individually by Amazon Luna subscribers.

Ubisoft games can now be purchased individually by Amazon Luna subscribers.

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Mariella Moon

By allowing users to stream the developer’s PC games, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft strengthened their relationship late last year. The fact that Amazon and Ubisoft have teamed up to introduce a new feature to their cloud gaming service— the ability to purchase games directly from the platform rather than just streaming them— is therefore not particularly surprising. The Far Cry games, Child of Light, and Watch Dogs are among the Ubisoft games that subscribers can now buy from the developer’s Luna portal.

As long as their Ubisoft account is connected, customers can buy any game they want from Luna using their Amazon account. Subscribers will own the license for any game they purchase, according to the e-commerce behemoth, and if they download the game for offline play using the Ubisoft Connect PC launcher, they can play it on a computer or on devices with Luna support. Fire TVs, Chromebooks, and phones are among the items that Luna supports.

No matter where a customer purchases them, all of the titles they purchase will appear in their Luna library and sync with their Ubisoft account. They won’t completely lose access to those titles if they stop paying for the service, but they will only be able to stream the games on Luna while they are subscribers or Prime members.

The only cloud gaming platform that allowed users to buy games when it was still in existence, Google Stadia, is now available in Luna shades, according to 9to5Google. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t stated whether it intends to increase game purchases or sell other developers’ titles.

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