Vehicles, according to opposition parties, are nothing more than election “pay-off. “

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Opposition political parties and other interest groups criticized the provincial government’s decision to “buy” votes in advance of the general elections the following year, despite the fact that it was welcomed in some circles. Taxpayers will have to pay more than R30 million for the cars.

Senior traditional leaders from across the province received 57 vehicles from the Limpopo government on Monday, November 27, under the direction of Premier Chupu Mathabatha and the Co-Operative Governance, Human Settlements, and Traditional Affairs ( CoGHSTA ) Basikopo Makamu. It appears that this was done so that “deserving” traditional leaders could fulfill their obligations as community leaders. At a ceremony held at Seshego’s Ngoako Ramatlhodi Stadium, the handover was made.

Senior Vhavenda traditional leader Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda, one of the beneficiaries, expressed his happiness and relief that the government recognized the difficulties traditional leaders faced in resolving issues with their communities, such as service delivery and chieftain disputes.

” Our communities are located in remote, rural areas, making it challenging to get in touch with some of them to discuss specific issues.” These vehicles, in our opinion, will enable us to enhance community services. Rambuda urged other senior traditional leaders to only use their vehicles for the intended use.

Following MEC Makamu’s recent announcement that senior traditional leaders would receive 102 vehicles by the end of the current fiscal year, the vehicles were distributed. The first batch to be distributed was Monday’s handover. The remainder would be delivered before the fiscal year’s end, according to Premier Mathabatha.

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Traditional leaders continue to play a significant role in our democracy. The province has made progress despite the numerous difficulties it had previously faced as a result of budgetary restrictions that had an impact on how much money was allocated to traditional leaders. A significant accomplishment, according to Mathabatha, was the construction of 10 offices for senior traditional leaders in Limpopo this year through CoGHSTA.

Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF ) chairman Mr. Tshilidzi Maraga of Limpopo expressed his outrage at the ANC’s misuse of public funds for electioneering, which they attempted to pass off as providing services to the populace.

Lesibana Kgole, the Limpopo Congress of the People’s ( COPE ) communication secretary, charged that the ANC was making every effort to bribe the traditional leaders into voting for the general election the following year. ” We see this as a fruitless use of state resources to persuade the unwary traditional communities.” Clean water, improved sanitation, and economic opportunities are still lacking in the Limpopo area. The brutal effects of inequality, poverty, and unemployment are still being felt by the province’s women. These communities and their traditional leaders are aware of the source of their suffering and humiliation. According to Kgole, this behavior is the antithesis of a setting that promotes free and fair elections.


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