Voter registration weekend: Business as usual for Marshalltown fire victims

Voter registration weekend: Marshalltown fire victims ‘ business as usual

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JOHANNESBURG- Former Marshalltown residents of the Usindiso Building are upset about being forced to live in a makeshift community without access to electricity or water in Denver.

The fact that many of them lost their Identity Documents in the 77-person fire only made their frustration worse.

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People were unpacking their belongings and settling into their new homes as the registration weekend got underway.

Because many of the new residents lost their possessions in the fire, they declared that they would not be casting their ballots over the weekend.

They claimed that the government and the Department of Home Affairs had not done much to assist them in obtaining new or temporary ID documents, making it impossible for them to register.

Because no one had told them how long they would be staying there, some of the residents claimed they had no idea where they should register.


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