Prospective NW voters believe nationalising mines will lead to better lives

Voters in the upcoming NW think that nationalizing mines will improve lives.

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MADITLOKWA- Voters in the North West predicted that nationalizing mines would improve locals ‘ economic situation.

Since the African National Congress ( ANC ) gave up on the idea in 2012, the Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF ) are the only well-known group advocating for the government to own every mine in the nation.

Due to the province’s numerous platinum-producing mines, North West is referred to as the Platinum Belt.

However, a lot of people believe that these have n’t given locals in those areas any value.

Malema reiterates the EFF’s request that mines be nationalized.

Voters in Maditlokwa are most concerned about mining.

The Tharisa Mine, which claims to be the source of 70 % of the world’s platinum and chrome resources on its website, is close to the sprawling community.

Economic migrants from all over the nation also make up the community of Maditlokwa.

However, Sandisile Sthule’s dream of leaving the Eastern Cape has never come true.

Enoch Mathwasa, a resident of Limpopo who relocated to Maditlokwa to work in the mines, has been unemployed for about one year.

In the best-case scenario, he claimed, the province’s mines would be completely under the control of the government.

Just under 100 people have registered to vote, according to Electoral Commission ( IEC ) officials.

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