ANC supporters in Marikana face tough task of voting for Ramaphosa in 2024

Voting for Ramaphosa in 2024 will be difficult for ANC supporters in Marikana.

MARIKANA- Supporters of the African National Congress ( ANC ) in Marikana must cast ballots for Cyril Ramaphosa in 2024 because they still believe he played a role in the massacre of 2012 in part.

Police shot 34 striking mineworkers on August 16, 2012, killing them and injuring 78 others.

Ramaphosa owned a sizable portion of Lonmin Mine at the time, which is now known as Sibanye.

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An apology from President Cyril Ramaphosa, according to local ANC supporters, would go a long way toward repairing ties between the party and Marikana residents.

However, Ramaphosa is known to have testified repeatedly that he did nothing wrong, according to the Marikana Commission.

Thapelo Gaoaketse, a resident of Marikana, claimed that the ANC-run government was responsible for the 11-year-old murder of the local populace.

” Why ca n’t Cyril Ramaphosa, the president, come here?” Why is n’t he able to apologize to the Marikana community for what the massacre there caused? The ANC was no longer trusted by the populace.

Nokuthula Nondonga, a devoted ANC supporter, predicted that Ramaphosa’s election as president would make it challenging for her to cast her ballot in 2024.

Ramaphosa wo n’t likely be elected president again because of what he did in Marikana, in my opinion. Because of him, many people have passed away, leaving widows and families without breadwinners.

Low numbers of people visited their voting locations this weekend, according to Electoral Commission ( IEC ) officials.

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