‘Challenges yes, but life’s much better than it was before ANC’: Vuwani resident

Vuwani resident:” Challenges yes, but life is much better than it was before ANC. “

VUWANI- According to some elderly residents of Vuwani, in Limpopo’s Vhembe District, who cast their ballots on Sunday morning, the government has done enough to address the problems with the community in terms of service delivery.

They disregarded claims that since the founding of a democratic South Africa, the African National Congress ( ANC ) has n’t made Vuwani residents ‘ lives better.

Despite the fact that the community continues to suffer as a result of the government’s failure to construct roads and increase access to potable water, this is the case.


  • Before 2024, some Vuwani citizens are thinking about other political options.

Individual comrades, not everyone, is the problem, according to ANC Madibeng’s Ditshego Mbezi.

  • Prior to 2024, Mbalula promises to deliver better services to the Duncan Village community.

The ruling ANC, which has been in power since the democratic breakthrough, was openly supported by the elderly in Vuwani.

Dzuguda Kharidzha, a longtime resident of Vuwani, claimed that his neighborhood has undergone significant development recently.

We all have taps in our homes now, unlike before the ANC, when only the wealthy had access to water. Although there may be occasional difficulties, things are much better now than they were before the ANC.

According to Eyewitness News, the region’s younger voters appeared to be on the same page and were forced to support the green, black, and gold party.

Water and electricity problems are not as bad as they once were, according to Sigidi Tshitshavha, a first-time voter who registered on Sunday morning.

Of course, there are things that could be done better, but I’ve noticed a lot of growth in this area. Therefore, I would n’t claim that nothing is happening or that no services have been delivered.

He claimed that issues with the country’s water supply exist not just in his village but across the nation.

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