WATCH: Cause of Durban shack fire still unknown

WATCH: Unknown is the cause of the Durban shack fire.

The Quarry Road Informal Settlement in Durban was devastated by a massive fire, and authorities are attempting to determine its origin.

Cause of Durban shack fire still unknown
eThekwini Municipality was provided.

Although the extent of the damage is still being determined, they claim that on Thursday, 150 homes were completely destroyed by the flames.

Nobody was harmed.

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Temporary housing has been provided for those who are still without a roof over their heads.

Many people are concerned about the disaster, according to Ward 23 councillor Alicia Kissoon.

Many residents will not be able to register because they have lost their identity documents in addition to losing their homes.

Major Fire Event at Quarry Road in Durban, M19 West. A2sOYDC7BM on

November 16, 2023, TrafficSA (@TrafficSA )

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