Thousands expected to apply for funding when NSFAS applications open this week

When NSFAS applications open this week, thousands are anticipated to apply for funding.

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Thousands of potential students are expected to apply for the 2024 academic year through JOHANNESBURG-Funding applications, which are anticipated to open this week.

Discriminate students who want to attend public higher education institutions are funded by NSFAS.

This is due to the program’s ongoing struggle with a number of issues that have prevented students from receiving their allowances on time.

As the application period officially begins on Tuesday, higher education minister Blade Nzimande is scheduled to give a media briefing on the 2024 applications.

The final application day is January 31, and the applications will be accepted for the following two months.

According to Nzimande, applications are only now being accepted so that the South African Revenue Service ( SARS ) can finish its taxation period.

To prevent a last-minute rush, prospective students have been urged to submit their applications on time.

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