Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital a ‘death zone’, WHO says urging evacuation

WHO advises evacuation because Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is a “death zone. “

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WHO and other UN representatives visited the hospital, which Israeli troops had earlier this week raided, before making their assessment.

More than 80 people were killed on Saturday in twin attacks on a UN school that was housing displaced people in northern Gaza, according to an official from Hamas.

In Jabalia, the largest refugee camp in the Palestinian territory, AFP-verified social media videos revealed bodies covered in blood and dust on the floor of a building. Mattresses had been crammed under classroom tables.

Egypt called the bombing a “war crime” and” a deliberate insult to the United Nations,” while Philippe Lazzarini, the head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA, described the incident as “horrifying images.”

According to Hamas health officials, 32 members of the same family perished in a separate attack on another building in Jabalia camp on Saturday, including 19 children.

The Israeli army stated that” an incident in the Jabalia region” was being reviewed without mentioning the strikes.

In response to the attacks of October 7, which Israeli officials claim resulted in the deaths of about 1,200 people, the majority of whom were civilians, and the capture of approximately 240 others, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas.

According to the Hamas government, which has been in charge of Gaza since 2007, the army’s unrelenting air and ground campaign has since claimed the lives of 12, 300 people, including more than 5, 000 children.

Israel announced on Saturday that its military was “expanding its operational activities in additional neighbourhoods in the area of the Gaza Strip” after six weeks of fighting, according to the UN, which claims that 1.6 million people have been forced to flee their homes.

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Extreme suffering is described.

Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, has recently come under intense scrutiny as Israeli forces claim that Hamas uses it as a command center, but both the organization and its medical staff refute this assertion.

The hospital was referred to as a “death zone” by the WHO on Sunday. There were 25 health workers and nearly 300 patients who were still inside the building after the mass grave at the entrance.

Given the “extreme suffering of the people of Gaza,” it warned that nearby facilities were already overstretched and urged an immediate ceasefire. However, it also stated that it was planning” the immediate evacuation of all remaining patients, staff, and their families.”

According to the facility’s director, the Israeli army ordered hundreds of people to leave the hospital on foot on Saturday.

As loud explosions could be heard throughout the complex, columns of sick and injured people—some of them amputees—were seen leaving with displaced people, doctors, and nurses.

According to an AFP journalist there, the route was littered with at least 15 bodies, some of which were in the early stages of decomposition, along with heavily damaged stores and overturned cars.

Despite coordinating with both sides, NGO Doctors without Borders claimed that a convoy carrying its staff and family members was attacked on Saturday as it was leaving the area of Al-Shifa. There was only one fatality.

Israeli forces asserted that they had “acceded to the director’s request” to permit more civilians to leave the hospital and denied giving the order to evacuate it.

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According to the WHO, 29 hospitalized patients with severe spinal injuries are unable to move without medical care, and others have infected wounds as a result of antibiotic deprivation.

Additionally, 32 infants are in “extremely critical condition,” according to WHO.

” Not normal”-

Food, water, medicine, and fuel are now scarce due to Israel’s siege of Gaza, with Egypt only allowing a small amount of assistance to enter.

Israel agreed to let the first shipment of fuel in late Friday under US pressure, allowing communication to resume following a two-day blackout.

Israel was warned that it would only use about a third of the fuel required by the UN, despite having agreed to allow in 60, 000 litres ( 16,000 gallons ) per day starting on Saturday.

Despite Israel’s warnings to the south for their safety, deadly attacks persisted there as well. According to the Nasser hospital’s director in Khan Yunis, at least 26 people were killed on Saturday in a residential building.

A US official stated that more fuel deliveries and a” significant pause” in fighting would occur” when hostages are released” as part of the ongoing diplomatic effort to secure the release of hostage.

The National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson stated that” we continue to work hard to get to a deal,” denying the White House’s claim that there had been any sort of tentative agreement.

After arriving outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jerusalem office on a march from Tel Aviv, relatives of those who were taken—ranging from infants to elderly people—put pressure on the Israeli government on Saturday.

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” Having kids kidnapped for 43 days is not typical. According to marcher Ari Levi, we have no idea what the government is doing and no information.

According to the Israeli military, two female hostages ‘ bodies were found in Gaza this week, and four kidnapped people have already been freed.

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In an opinion piece released on Saturday, Biden argued that the coastal region and the Israeli-occupied West Bank should be governed by a single “revitalized” administration. Gaza’s future after the conflict is still unknown.

He stated in the Washington Post that” Gaza and the West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure, ultimately under an energized Palestinian Authority.”

The Palestinian Authority, however, “in its current form is not capable of receiving responsibility for Gaza,” according to Netanyahu.

Biden also threatened to impose sanctions on settlers who have intensified recent attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, including visa bans.

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