Will Linley on his new EP, Magic,”I’m constantly under pressure, but my fans are in my corner!”

Will Linley says,” I’m constantly under pressure, but my fans are in my corner,” on his newest EP, Magic!

Will, if you were n’t already aware of this up-and-coming person, you are now!

Will Linley, the hippest kid on the block, recently released a brand-new EP called Magic. This most recent bop is just as captivating as his music, which continues to go beyond South African pop.

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The local music scene has seen Will Linley reach dazzling heights over the past two years. Mike V spoke with Will about his unprecedented success after dropping his popular EP, Magic.

For more information about Will Linley’s brilliant mind, listen to the podcast below as he reveals the key to avoiding the trap of becoming a one-hit wonder:

Will Linley has completely blown everyone away with his charm, wit, and hits—you just ca n’t get them out of your head—Mike V is dead on!

This South African sensation, who never stops making fun of music and bringing the best vibes to every stage, has a cult-like following ( and anyone with an ear for great tune ).

Will gives his fans credit for his success. He shares,” It’s not about how I can make this new song popular; rather, I’m about building my fan base.”

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” It’s a lot of fun. Will says,” I consider myself extremely fortunate, even though my parents are still waiting for my career to completely fail.

Will has every reason to think he’s the real deal, even though we appreciate his modesty.

Will Linley, who is only 20 years old, has grown from producing content for social media to becoming a global up-and-comer and one of SA’s favorites. View his most recent TikTok for this track:

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