Windows 10 will soon receive Microsoft’s CopilotAI.

Windows 10 will soon receive Microsoft’s CopilotAI.

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Devindra Hardawar

Microsoft has announced today that it will be bringing Copilot AI to Windows 10, which is a slight setback for the company’s AI ambitions. Copilot will initially be accessible to Windows Insider users in an upcoming Release Preview update, which will show up in the Task Bar’s right side. You can use the well-known Copilot interface to manage Windows features, interact with documents, and ask AI questions once you’ve chosen it. The Copilot window wo n’t block open windows or overlap with desktop content, according to Microsoft.

Because Windows Central announced earlier this month that Windows 10 would receive Copilot, if anything about this sounds familiar. Not exactly surprising, the move. Despite being Microsoft’s most recent OS, GlobalStats reports that only 26 % of Windows installations use Windows 11. In contrast, Windows 10 continues to command 69 percent of the Windows market.

Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 had reached 1 billion devices in 2020, but it still seems to be more than that. According to Windows Central’s reporting, 400 million devices are running Windows 11. It makes sense why Microsoft is integrating its most recent technology into an aging OS ( its “end of service” date is still October 14, 2025 ) after taking a quick look at those numbers. This year of overly accelerated AI hype would have been worthwhile if the company could have claimed to have expanded Copilot’s AI to 1.4 billion devices by 2023.

Over the coming months, Copilot for Windows 10 will be previewed in North America, as well as in Asia and South America. Microsoft advises installing today’s November preview update for Windows Insiders who want to be prepared for the update. Additionally, they must enable Windows Update’s” Get the most recent updates as soon as they’re available” feature.

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