With the home World Cup, India’s obsession with cricket is at its peak.

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NEW DELHI, Oct. 5( Reuters) The 13th edition of the 50-over World Cup began play on Thursday in Ahmedabad, signaling the start of six weeks of intense competition in a nation devoted to the sport.

India, which still largely practices one sport despite its improved performance in other sports, considers cricket to be a religion.

The game’s financial engine, the twice-champions who most recently won the championship when they served as hosts in 2011, has significant clout with the International Cricket Council( ICC ), which rules the world.

Along with holders England and five-time champions Australia, India, led by Rohit Sharma, enters the competition as the tournament’s top-ranked one-day team and one of the favorites.

Indian cricketers enjoy a rock-star status that is only surpassed by Bollywood actors, and they make the kind of money that most other athletes only dream of.

Additionally, it implies that they are under a lot of pressure to compete in significant competitions, and that their home World Cup will only add to the pressure.

Every region of the nation enjoys cricket, which is a reflection of India’s sincere adoration for the sport that its former British rulers popularized.

It is played on the Marina beach in Chennai, in the byways in Kolkata, the slums of Mumbai, and the mountains of Kashmir.

Azad Maidan in Mumbai or the” Maidan” in Kolkata near Eden Gardens are two Indian cities with green parks where matches are played concurrently.

The franchise-based Indian Premier League has further aided in the game’s establishment in India, strengthening cricket as the top sport there appears to be on solid ground right now.

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Ahmedabad-based Amlan Chakraborty provided the reporting, and Ken Ferris edited it.

The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles serve as our standards.

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