Woolworths ‘wont take sides’ in Israel-Hamas war

Woolworths “wo n’t take sides” in the Israel-Hamas conflict

Some political figures and organizations have singled out Woolies since the most recent conflict in Gaza started last month, charging it with aiding Israel by stocking goods there.

They demanded a boycott of the retailer.

One of the organizations actively leading a” Boycott Woolworths” campaign is the pro-Palestinian civil rights organization Africa4Palestine.

The group announced this week that they are no longer stocking Israeli products after receiving a letter from the CEO of the retailer.

Additionally, ANC KZN urges Woolworths to be boycotted in light of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Woolies boycott is over, Africa4Palestine said, adding that it welcomed Woolworths ‘ decision and would let its partners know.

On Friday, Woolworths issued a statement claiming that it was correcting the record.

To ensure the safety of its employees and customers, the company claims it made the decision to halt the sale of the sole item it had on hand that was imported from Israel.

Despite some praising them and asserting that their choice means they are pro-Palestine or anti-Israel, it insists that it has not taken a position on the matter.

The retailer claims that it cannot add fuel to the fire in a world where there is misinformation, suffering, and the deaths of innocent people.

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