Blyvoor Gold mine workers mulling next move as labour dispute continues

Workers at the Blyvoor Gold mine are considering their next move as the labor dispute continues.

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JOHANNESBURG- As the fourth day of a labor dispute approaches, disgruntled workers at the Carletonville Blyvoor Gold mine are considering their next course of action.

Early this week, an estimated 800 workers staged a sit-in at the West Rand gold operation.

Some of the workers resisted going back to work until their demands were met, even though the group emerged from the Peter Skeat Shaft after spending 36 hours underground.

They want a new majority labor union to represent them because they are upset about incentives not being paid, including Christmas bonuses.


  • Some employees are engaged in negotiations to settle a labor dispute with Blyvoor mine management.

– In the midst of a new labor dispute, Blyvoor Gold mineworkers pledge to stop operations.

  • NUM keeps its distance from the Blyvoor Gold Mine.

The Labour Court declared the sit-in by workers at the Blyvoor Gold Mine illegal.

The company then threatened to fire more than 240 workers for taking part in the protests that halted shaft operations.

Five shop stewards were sent in to negotiate with mine management, but the closed-door discussions do n’t seem to have produced much.

According to reports, the business has once more informed employees that it is having financial issues and cannot provide incentives during the holiday season.

The mineworkers retaliated, claiming that the company is profiting greatly from the extremely high gold prices.

Additionally, they think that before the dismissals, the mine did n’t adhere to its internal procedures.

The mine’s financial ruin was caused by labor unrest in 2012 and 2021.

The mine is once again in a difficult situation, even though it is thought that other miners are back at work.

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