Murder-accused TV presenter Xolani Khumalo sad Moja Love severed ties with him

Xolani Khumalo, a TV host who is accused of murder, and Moja Love broke off their relationship.

Xolani Khumalo, a television host accused of murdering JOHANNESBURG, expressed his sadness over being fired by DStv’s Moja Love channel in his time of need.

The well-known drug-busting reality series Sizokuthola, which aired every week on Moja Love, was once hosted by Khumalo.

However, the channel announced earlier this month that it would cut off all contact with Khumalo for a number of reasons, including his ongoing murder investigation.

On Tuesday, Khumalo appeared briefly at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court, where he is charged with murdering Robert Varrie while an unaired episode was being filmed.

Khumalo said he did n’t anticipate Moja Love dropping him when speaking outside of court.

It is sad to see such a company act in this manner because” Moja Love has withdrew from any kind of support they used to give us and they have distanced themselves from this matter.” We anticipated a unique strategy.

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