Another forehead tattoo! Dad loses bet and gets this Fortnite tat

yet another tattoo on the forehead! Dad receives this Fortnite tat after losing a wager.

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I bet he wo n’t place any more wagers.

Man with fortnite tattoo on his head
Man with a tattoo of Fortnite/TikTok

Sky Tshabalala taught us one thing: we should n’t place bets that result in tattoos.

The same fatal error that led to one father getting a tattoo on his head was made by another father.

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Teenagers and die-hard gamers are completely obsessed with Fortnite.

Check out the punishment when Donny Manco, 52, of Fort Waynelost, lost a game to Memphis, 23, of the same age:


At our shop, we take Friday competitions seriously.

Original sound: waxed

In the video that has since gained popularity, Donny can be heard saying,” Your mom’s going to kill me.”

People all over the world have been shocked by this jaw-dropping moment. Although forehead tattoos can occasionally be faked, this situation claims to be” 100 % legit.”

The Dad said,” In this household, we do n’t do things half-heartedly; we go all-in, no half sends.”

UPDATE: The woman who had BF’s name tattooed on her forehead received a startling twist.

It’s interesting to note that the father is a tattoo artist. This incident was unexpected, despite the fact that one would anticipate him returning home with some new ink.

See how Sarah, Donny’s wife, was totally taken aback:

Memphis Mancotattoo by @memphismancotattoo in response to @Barak’s original sound

Both happy and sad tears were shed at that precise moment.

Fornite was reportedly selected because it served as” the battlefield of choice in their family’s epic tale of sibling rivalry and conquest.”

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