Grabouw youth call on young people to register to vote & make their voices heard

Young people are urged to register to vote and voice their opinions by the Grabouw youth.

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On Saturday, there was a flurry of activity in CAPE TOWN-Gabouw, but voter registration started off slowly.

In advance of the 2024 general elections, more than 23, 000 voting locations across the nation were open all weekend.

One of the areas most severely affected by the province’s most recent devastating floods was the municipality town of Waterskloof.

In the 2021 local government elections, no party won an overwhelming majority in this hotly contested municipality.

The GOOD Party, the Patriotic Alliance, and the African National Congress ( ANC ) currently form a coalition government.


  • Over 23, 000 stations are open for voter registration this weekend.
  • How to sign up to vote in the general elections in 2024
  • Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

A few young voters from the small town of just over 100,000 people who were registering for the first time and expressed a desire to be added to the voter roll were interviewed by Eyewitness News.

Luxolo Sibonkolo, 22, hopes that his vote in the election the following year will give young people more opportunities.

Sibonkolo remarked,” There are many young people who are unemployed and many things that need the youth, but our leaders have no way of moving them forward.”

Other young people were urged to cast ballots by 34-year-old Boniswa Mtwavi.

This voter registration is crucial, especially for young people’s motivation. Voting is primarily done to ensure that every South African is aware of their rights, according to Mtwazi.

As the day goes on, IEC representatives and political party agents anticipate a higher turnout.

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