Your weekly report on the levels of KwaZulu-Natal dams

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What is the condition of KwaZulu-Natal’s dams in light of the recent sporadic rainfalls?

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While many of the province’s dams are in good condition, some of them are at a point where water conservation is still crucial, according to the Department of Water and Sanitation.

    Albert Falls Dam: Compared to the previous week’s reading of 91.4 %, the water level at the dam this week has increased slightly.

  • Notably, the water levels at Bivane Dam have increased slightly, from 81.8 % the previous week to 83.3 % this week.
  • Craigie Burn Dam: Consistent with the previous week, the water levels at the dam are still stable at 100.7 %.
  • Water levels at Driel Barrage Dam have decreased significantly from 95.4 % last week to 85.1 % this week.
  • Goedertrouw Dam: The dam has n’t changed and is still standing at 100.2 %.
  • Water levels at Hazlemere Dam are at 59.2 %, which is a slight drop from last week’s 60.3 %, making it difficult.
  • The water levels at the Hluhlupwe Dam are stable at a healthy 100.6 %, demonstrating the dam’s stability.
  • Water levels at Inanda Dam have slightly increased from 99 % to 99.8 %, reflecting this increase.
  • Klipfontein Dam: Water levels at the dam decreased from 85.6 % last week to 85 %, indicating a slight decline.
  • Mearns Dam: Water levels at the dam have increased from 83.5 % last week to 88.2 %, indicating an increase.
  • Midmar Dam: From last week’s 78 %, the water level at the dam is now 78.7 %, a slight increase.
  • Nagle Dam: Showing a slight decline, this week’s reading is 93.9 %, up from 95.99 % the previous week.
  • Unfortunately, the water levels at Ntshingwayo ( Chelmsford Dam ) are currently 64.7 %, down from 65.4 % the week before.
  • Water levels at Pongolapoort Dam this week are 73.2 %, a slight improvement over last week’s level of 72.1 %.
  • Spioenkop Dam: This week, water levels at the dam increased by a significant amount from 94.2 % to 100 %.
  • Water levels at Spring Grove Dam dropped slightly from 73.2 % the previous week to 71.9 % this week.
  • Water levels at Wagendrift Dam are currently 85.4 %, a slight drop from the previous week’s 86.8 %.
  • Woodstock Dam: The reading at this week is 89.6 %, down from 92.9 % the previous week, according to reports of a slight decline.
  • The Zaaihoek Dam maintains a steady 90.6 %, according to the DWS.
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Residents are strongly urged to practice water conservation and reduce wastage in light of the wide variety of readings.

As the area struggles with fluctuating water levels, we invite you to comment below with your thoughts on this week’s dam readings.

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